Beautiful and stylish footwear add grace and style to any ensemble. And they usually get ignored hence PreetiModi’s creativity lends an alluring charm and definition to all women’s feet, young or old.

Here we have tried to summarize the basic forms that sculpt the feet of that amazing woman!

They are Wedges, Block Heels, Mules and Flats in different stylings and adornments, designed for comfort and grandeur.


The curved edge on a wedge is designed for comfort to the heel and the embellishment makes it look prettier, adding to the personality. These are hand crafted in Leather with care n precision and a lot of hard work. Every little bead is hand woven into these classic designs.

Block Heel

Velvet hand embroidered Block heel sandal. Predominantly, adding height and a sway to emphasise that subtle gait in her. The symmetry and shapeliness combined with the lovely motif embroidery make them attractive and fashionable.


The closed flat shoe for ladies are called bellies, are made for comfort and style. Such shape, colour and form,pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the feet.By adding beads and sequins with deft fingers and hands, the artistry transcends them to becoming beautiful.

Belly Block Heel

The striking gold hues on this sandal denote an unmatched elegance. This hand-made bead work, is embroidered in every little corner of the sandal and looks seamless. The block heel finishes it off with a stylish edge.


Flats are sandals which do not have heels, as is apparent by the very word. However, the word does not make the appearance of this sandal any less pretty. It is enmeshed with brightcolors circling the feet, with eminent dazzle of hand embroidered beads.

Cork Heel

Cork is the heel which is light and easy to wear. With hand knitted crotchet and beads to adorn this sunflower colored sandal, its femininity is its beauty. It has an angular shape to fit the feet perfectly.

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