Exquisite in design and make, this collection is hand embroidered with shells, beads and metal rings to give it that dainty and striking appeal.

Urban Hues

Intricately woven with deft hands, this leather collection boasts of an array of colors in tasselled beads to add that style and definition to preetify your feet!

Crystal Wonder

Sparkling crystals on a bed of soft leather, with a touch of grey on this white and black collection.. makes for an alluring adornment for femininity and style.


Pearls to engage your senses in sheer luxury. Enmeshed together seamlessly to add that distinction to style and timeless elegance!


Emerald and Crystal bonanza, hand embroidered on velvety smooth leather. Stunning and Classy pair to bedazzle you.


Hand Embroidered in beads and tassels, with braids and shells attached for a redefined funky look. Fashioned for comfort!


A garden of flowers & a Mirrored Orb. A true depiction of art and fashion combined in this mix.


Ablaze with colors in a floral design with beads, this collection brings the chic and the flamboyant together.


Tastefully done, this ensemble of Zardozi embroidery in Silver, is a uniquely spiralling trail in Silver on black. Elegantly Fashionable for those special occasions

Chic Gardenia

Embroidered beautifully by hand in leaf and rose patterns. This garden galaxy is trendy yet traditional. Bespoke of the designers style and creativity!


A fashionista’s dream .. This collection is a timeless beauty with dazzle. Crystals adorn the sandal on high and silver cushioned insole matches the top to complete the magnificence!


An upscale, trendsetting creation with spiralling bead designs seamlessly embroidered on soft leather in subtle colors for this regal and rich collection!


Boho’d with this Gypsied look in brightly colored pom poms and beaded embroidery. They bring a feeling of funn and abandon to the conservative and restrictive. Sunny and bright with earthy and subtle, they add another edge to her collection!

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