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Jute Wonders Unlimited

Jute Wonders Unlimited is a well-respected name in the Premium and Luxury Leather Footwear Industry in India. Set up in 1999, as a single window solution for diverse requirements from a wide cross-section of customers across the world, Jute Wonders Unlimited has witnessed rapid growth in a short time span. It is among a select group of leading exporters of Leather Handcrafted Footwear in India, with two large export houses. The company has a robust roster of delighted clientele from Singapore, Italy, Australia, UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France and Spain. Our reach is expanding each year with new clients and countries being added to this list.

With our corporate office in India’s capital city of New Delhi and manufacturing unit in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), the entire process of order to delivery is driven in-house ensuring use of superior quality raw material and immaculate workmanship. Our manufacturing facilities fulfill all processes, such as design, printing, stitching, lamination and packaging, under one roof.

Under the new vision of our creative director Preeti Modi and launch of a new label in her name, the Organization has redefined luxury in women’s footwear for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of India’s most sought after export houses.

Eclectic, contemporary, romantic — Preeti Modi @ Jute Wonders Unlimited represents the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship, dexterity and is recognized for its superior quality and attention to detail.

Creative Process

Exquisite Leather Footwear Designs, Collections and Embellishes. From original Preeti Modi Designs to development of Client Designs.

Immaculate Craftsmanship

Superior Materials, Workmanship, Aesthetics and Attention to Detail are what our clients come back for and what the industry respects us for.

Client Focus

Constant Engagement with the Client through the design and manufacturing process ensuring a Seamless and Stress-free Experience.

The Designer

Preeti Modi • Creative Director

Preeti Modi is the Creative Force behind Jute Wonders Unlimited. Her aesthetic sensibilities have been influenced by walking the streets and her inspiration was the “lack of a ladies identity”, which contributed to her desire for novelty and ornamentation, and lead her to make the most effortlessly elegant designs. Elements of Indian Haute Couture have also had a profound impact on the designer who makes a point of honour to create the most refined shoes with the excellence of her craft.

Preeti’s artistic philosophy consists in researching the most harmonious proportions in a shoe, in particular thanks to her Jute bespoke workshop. Her design gravitates towards value additions and beautifying sandals in the lines of her creations. Preeti’s intention is to bring new proportions, beautification to the shapes in footwear in the world of fashion, by making a mark on everyone’s mind thanks to her multiple innovations which have become classics. She also aims to infuse the best of an era into her creations so that they are transformed into timeless icons.


Against a background of increasing social responsibility, the policy of Jute Wonders pays particular attention to consumer protection and the impact on the environment. It aims to involve all stakeholders and its product supply chain through projects that are aimed at supporting its business.

Jute Wonders pays special attention to environmental issues and is committed to preventing and reducing the impact of its activities on the environment.

Our Clients

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